The ‘Cantina’

The “Cantina” (cellar), where all the stages of grapes vinification necessary to create our Molvina wine take place, is located in Botticino, in a historic building at the foot of the hill.

Until the twenties of last century, the building was the site of an old spinning mill, where cotton was worked on. Nowdays it is instead made up of modern avant-garde premises, where we blend passion, tradition and innovation and where everything is aimed at obtaining the maximum in terms of quality and professionalism.

After the harvest, grapes bunches are placed in perforated boxes taking care to position them so that the air can circulate around during the period of drying, thus avoiding stagnant humidity, allowing water to slowly abandon the grapes and the sugar properties to remain almost unchanged.

The wine vats used for the fermentation of musts are made of steel because they are resistant, easy to clean and more hygienic. Steel does not alter the characteristics of its content and also boasts a good thermal conductivity, which is essential because during fermentation the temperature of must has to be kept constant with the refrigeration system wired inside.

Molvina wine is aged in Slavonian oak barrels: it refers to wood obtained from oaks that grow in the forests of the wide plains of eastern Croatia. The barrels are medium in size with a capacity of 15 quintals each. Their duration is about twenty years and, in our opinion, with regards to red wines, Slavonian oak is qualitatively superior to French oak.

Always attentive and sensitive to the environment and nature, we use the energy produced by a photovoltaic system positioned on the roof of the building.

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‘N dó ghè vì, ghè ghèt.

Dove c’è vino c’è fracasso.